Mother:  Violinist, Botanist.

Father:  Physiologist, Gun Slinger.

Neighbors:  Circus folk. Trained monkeys to dress up as cowboys.  Riding atop donkeys, they jumped through rings of fire into a swimming pool three stories below – “The World Famous Aqua Mules.”

Myself:  Born and raised in rural Florida just south of the River Styx.  I enjoy a good swamp.
I moved out to California by way of New Orleans.  Attended USC Cinema School.  Upon graduation, I wrote for Warner Brothers Features and Walt Disney with my mentor Joel Hodgson, creator of MST3K, and Sam Simon, co-creator of The Simpsons.

A fan of music, I directed music videos and a series of short documentaries; BECK: “10 Years of Mellow Gold.”  I went up and down the west coast a few times on tour with bands; The Lamps, The Intelligence, The Dirtbombs and The Black Lips.

Now I focus on my first love: directing comedy and working with comedic actors.  A member of the Upright Citizens Brigade, I write and direct for commercial production as well as and

I direct TV shows, commercials, shorts, sketches, videos and draw cartoons.

Some of my associates: [adult swim]. American Apparel. ANTI Records. Cartoon Network. Cinematic Titanic. Comedy Central. Crest Oral B. Dakota Pictures. Epitaph. FuelTV. Game Stop. Guitar Hero. Principato Young Entertainment. Proctor & Gamble. Sobe. Sony Pictures. Suave For Men. Subway. The Disney Channel. The Upright Citizens Brigade. Universal Pictures. Walt Disney.

I live in Los Angeles with my beautiful wife, my perfect, brand-new baby daughter, and our cats; Jiji and Mr. Pants.