Steve-ChaseSteve Chase grew up in Canada with dreams of becoming a professional hockey player – until a nasty concussion and 40 stitches convinced the young jock to switch careers and turn artist.

With no formal training, Steve successfully graduated in Graphic Design before entering the commercial art industry. He joined renowned Swiss avant-garde company Design Link and acquired the skills of a master technician on the print side of the business.

After a brief but invaluable tenure, Steve segued into an agency career where he art directed international print campaigns with acclaimed agencies Lowe Marshalk, Campbell-Ewald, Scali and McCabe Agency.

Steve also took time to absorb the on-set experience, leading to an opportunity to work with the legendary helmer Joel Sedelmeyer. Inspired, the young Canuck, decided soon thereafter to pursue his own directing career.

He quickly gained momentum shaping memorable spots across a multitude of genres for clients including Budweiser, AFLAC, Coca-Cola, Nissan, General Motors, Jeep, AT&T, Xbox, Cadbury and Dentyne.

 Steve’s emotionally charged, culturally relevant work led him to Los Angeles where the experience of directing celebrities also came to light: recognizable figures such as Tiger Woods for Accenture, Sammy Sosa and Jason Giambi for Pepsi, Ali Landry for Doritos even the Grim Reaper for Jeep.

 Steve has collected a bevy of awards since his move behind the lens, including the Director’s Guild of America Award plus multiple Cannes Lions and Clios. Meanwhile, his work for AT&T remains in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.