Justin Baldoni is a documentary,commercial and music video film director who dedicates his talents and time in service of his fellow man. As a boy in Oregon, his parents gave him a broken camera that sparked his love for filmmaking. Growing up in a faith that is rooted in the truest sense of community, Justin has built a growing kinship of those who do good solely in service of their neighbor. Perhaps the rarest of Justin’s traits is that he in fact “walks the walk.” His countless humanitarian efforts range from helping the nation’s poor to those afflicted with grave illness. A powerful storyteller in the commercial world, Justin has helmed campaigns for Sony, Emblem Health, Temple Health, Missouri Lottery, and Bank of America to name but a few. His innate ability to relate to others lends itself to creating sincere, brand content and ads that people connect with.

In 2012, Justin partnered with SoulPancake and Emmy nominated actor Rainn Wilson to create the award winning web series “My Last Days.” The show focuses on people who are terminally ill, but choose to live out their final months being an inspiration to others. To date, the show has over 20 million viewers and raised over 1M for various charitable foundations. Justin hoped the show would inspire people to stop taking the time we have left for granted, and begin appreciating what truly matters. He could have never imagined the global impact it would have and the millions of lives it would inspire.

In 2013, Justin shot his first featured length documentary about a young man, Shane Burcaw, with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). Burcaw’s condition has left him completely dependent up on his parents and siblings for all of his daily functions of life. A brave and unabashedly entertaining spirit, Burcaw has all the desires of any healthy young adult who yearns for his own coming of age experiences. The film follows Burcaw on his first ever road trip without his parents in celebration of his 21st birthday. The film will donate a percentage of proceeds to an organization dedicated to finding a cure for the illness.

His current documentary series, “Stories From the Street” profiles the Los Angeles homeless, giving a voice to those who would have otherwise been silenced and overlooked. On a personal level, Justin works closely with LA’s Union Rescue Mission creating content to raise awareness and is a weekly volunteer on the front lines. His altruism inspires friends family and associates to do the same.

 Justin enlists others in Hollywood in his goal to use our talent for the benefit of those in need. In 2012, Justin partnered with Grammy award-winning artist Sarah McLachlan and the Union Rescue Mission of Los Angeles to create a public service announcement raising awareness about homelessness. Most recently, Justin created a web component for Stand Up To Cancer, working with today’s top comedians Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Reggie Watts, and Tim & Eric.

In his own words, Justin believes that “the purpose of art is to elevate human consciousness…if we’re not doing good with it, what are we really doing?”